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A couple of years ago I stood in New Delhi, India shaking hard inside. I kept repeating all the old wisdom about how a writer needed a home (DH Lawrence), a writer must have a day-job (Writers Market) and I … Continue reading

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Herbs for Health, Beauty and YOU!

The Summer Solstice is a powerful time to work herbal  magic. Making herbal preparations links us our great traditions.  I live in the Third World, where anything that’s hard in the West becomes nearly impossible. (Many things simply aren’t available … Continue reading

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How to Write an Impersonal Essay

Happy Summer Solstice! This is a lovely time to learn how to write an impersonal essay,  a form where you can swiftly set down your observations.  In an impersonal essay, a writer spends as many or as few words as … Continue reading

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Hello again! In earlier posts we’ve explored writing basics for publication, how to market stories and write query letters. Now we’ll put pen to paper. Let’s assume you’re ready to go. Either you have a place to send your work … Continue reading

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