Herbs for Health, Beauty and YOU!

The Summer Solstice is a powerful time to work herbal  magic.

Making herbal preparations links us our great traditions.  I live in the Third World, where anything that’s hard in the West becomes nearly impossible. (Many things simply aren’t available here, and the word ‘organic’ is unknown.) At any rate, these are easy. Easier than making a smoothie, by a long shot.

Today’s EASY recipe. 


Into a medium-sized heavy bowl, put

One handful of dried  rose flowers, dried lavendar flowers, or dried chamomille flowers

One handful of dried rosemary leaves, sage or thyme

One  handful of dried or fresh mint 

Next, pour a quart (about 3 cups) of boiling water over the herbal mixture. Cover and steep for 5 minutes.  

1.  For a facial steam, steep for only 1 minute. While the herbs steep, dash warm water on your face, get a clean bath towel and place the bowl on a table in front of you.  Carefully remove the cover from the herbs, lower your face over the bowl. Cover your head with the towel; make a tent. Breathe the steam and close your eyes and relax.  Think peaceful thoughts. When the water cools, blow it to bring steam to your face. 5-10 minutes.  Be careful not to drag the bowl onto your lap!  Lift the towel and don’t rush. 

2. For a shower wash: strain the herbs into a metal or plastic mug/bowl.  Take the ‘tea’ into the shower with you.  Make sure it’s not too hot for your skin. Add cool tap water if you need to.  Dip the ‘tea’ and water contents onto yourself as you shower.  Soap and rinse normally.  Enjoy the delicate Solstice scents.

3. For a shampoo, mix a teaspoon of your store-bought shampoo with a mug of this ‘tea.’  That’s enough for 2 shampoos. Rinse between soapings, as normal.  Chamomile for light hair,  sage or thyme for darker hair.  Rosemary is a ‘miracle’ herb for all colors of hair, and adds thickness you won’t believe.  Good for hair that’s falling out, too.

4. A foot-soak, strain the herbs into a large basin you like for soaking your feet.  Add as much warm or cool water as you want, and a couple of drops of joboba oil is also nice IF YOU HAVE IT. Soak your feet as you normally do.

5.  For an herbal bath, strain the herbal ‘tea’ directly into your bath water.  An extra, If you want:  you can then put  the herbs (the same ones you used to make the ‘tea’) into a washcloth and tie the top with a ribbon or piece of string.  Use the herb-bag to scrub yourself as you relax in your home-made herbal bath.  Bathe normally.

You can use this as a facial steam, an herb bath, a foot soak,  You can also pour the ‘tea’ over you while you shower, soaping and rinsing normally.


Love to you all on our Summer Solstice, 2012.


Mary Ann Davis

   Let me hear how you love these recipes!

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