Sawadee-ka (Hi!), from Thailand,

Yesterday I wrote:

‘I noticed that there were many talented writers around on the Net, writing for free.  Then I remembered that since 2008 I’ve watched newspapers going bankrupt.  There are plenty of reasons why there are more freelancers around now.’

TAKE THIS HOPE, NOW. Coming your way through the Ether.

This is all old stuff to you guys. Banks failing? Papers folding? You’ve grown up with Problems you didn’t create.   

That’s one factor.  Another:  you’re grown up with computers, competition and people trying to micro-organize your life, in general. Don’t forget: you know how to navigate through all this!

I see this all the time:  30-somethings and under who freelance pretty consistently and keep clear of the white collar world.  

A young Indonesian teacher told me about and (resume, translation and writing sites that pay freelancers). They seem to favor your age group, so go for it!

Registering requires about the same level of digital red tape as signing up for Linked-In.   Breeze through and put your best foot forward.

It’s usually not ‘real writing,’ but ‘real writing’ is scarce and competitive.  It’s best to have some boring work that buys the groceries, too.  One of my neighbors does this – no, three of my neighbors do.  One woman has an M.A. in Fine Arts from London. She can’t write pages and paragraphs like we can, but she gets work and stays afloat.  These are online projects  that could get a new writer started, and you should get them!

Her projects include making lists for the Net, e.g., ‘Ten Ways to Remove Spots From Your Clothes.”  She says, “they pay a pittance, but it all adds up.”  It looks like these and freelancers work very cheaply so be ready to compete.  There are hundreds of projects and some of them involve more writing, like ghosting or corporate hand-outs.

Good luck!


Cheaper lifestyles:

I’ve attached a photo from Upper Dharamsala, India. I lived there for six months in 2013.  Himachal Pradesh Province is a miracle. It’s very beautiful. Where I lived was also inexpensive, if you control yourself a bit. Check out for ideas.


I’m sure you know this, but do 3 things:

1. Keep an open heart.

2. Double-check statements that are important to you.

3. Like the Zen poem says, ‘when you meet a fencing master on the road, tell him just a little.  Don’t show him everything at once.”

Best from N. Thailand,

Mary Ann Davis

(pen names: Ace Bryant, Dave Davis, Martine Davis, Martin Davis, Aletha Quick, A.B. Bryant)

AND ……. IT’S BONUS TIME*****************

Leave a comment with your email address and name to receive one of my free herbal or bread recipes as JUST ONE bonus!   Tell me if you want bread or herbal.  I’ll email you your recipe in plenty of time for the Big Holidays in December.



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