I think everybody’d agree on this one.  I’d even add: how does it feel, to have double the population the Boomers did, to compete for what you need?  And the added security. Do all those cameras and thumb prints and increased Watching drive you nuts? Keep your creativity down? 


Let me know what you need.  I hope these writing classes help.

“What’s in it for me?”  I hope they give you another set of tools/skills, or perhaps help you uncover your path.

The photo is part of  I taught at a university in Dalian, China.  One woman was absolutely baffled by the competition. She’d partially turned into a loner in order to get ahead.  It’s awesome how she snapped into how she’d survive and be herself. The movie cost $30 to make & 150 of her friends helped her.  It’s about signing and singing.

But I don’t think China is more daunting than the West for its over-educated 20-nothings.  Let me know what you need to study and we’ll do it.


Here are some more links about writing.

I mentioned yesterday how helpful these were.  D.H. Lawrence – Late Essays and Articles.pdf The comments here  (and not mine) are also well-written essays.  They often start with personal pronouns, but the following paragraphs come from an objective stance.

That’s a light-hearted story.  Here’s something more philosophical: (Wish I had the short link!)

I thought this statement was something worth thinking about. Here’s the link, too. “This article describes …  how students use first person pronouns. They use first person to establish their authority; but just as often .. to express uncertainty or to reveal that they have less status than their audience.”

I did a search, “what is an impersonal narrator?”  I think this is what you want to know, and here are some of the results.

Finally, mastering the essay forms are easy. I suggest you look at the articles on these sites, follow the basic forms and/or create your own. Then submit your stories to them.  Travelers’ Tales doesn’t pay for articles, but does pay $100 if it anthologizes what you wrote.  TA pays.

Thanks again for your support!
Mary Ann in Thailand


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