Had a kick or blow recently and don’t know how you’ll survive?

Hit the road, and do it fast.  The details of travel unleash powers that normal life makes you forget about.  In other words, if you got laid off from your job, overlooked or re-trenched, you can truly smile as you fill out visa forms, pack and throw away the excess from your life and leave. 

Here’s some visa information for India, one sure-fire place to make you forget. You probably have destinations in mind: go.  You can come home if it’s too much, but you won’t want to.  Eg., tourist visas are available at the KTM airport. You fly in and buy a visa there.  Cost depends on your nationality, and some are free.  You can buy 3 months for $100, if you come from a developed country, maybe less.  But check with other travelers to make sure.  You can stay in Boudhanath where it’s less nutty; in KTM Thamel if you must; in Swayambuth (similar to Boudhanath) for another less-frantic life.  Those are the main areas I deal with in the city.


Here’s visa stuff for India. is good, esp. for travel to remote areas in India. For visas info, I look in many places, esp. the govt. site.  This was useful.  It has info with links that are more general Indian visa stuff & not just Ch Mai, Thailand.

New Delhi is close to KTM — $100 or less plane fare, a bus ride overnight, easy to do. It’s all sure to get you moving again: New Delhi, India.  This place is 100″% guaranteed to make you forget your woes.  Stay in Majnu-ka-tilla; it’s far north Delhi. It’s cheaper, a 15 minute ride on the metro, and very friendly people. My room is 450 rupees a night. Safe, pretty quiet, very clean.

Things get Really cheap in the countryside. Not so dirty, either. I’ve never been sick on the food, by the way, and I never eat in restaurants, only on the street or in stalls, where lots of people are also eating. Delicious. Kind people!

Visas are much more complicated now, but again:  if you need a distraction from work, love, kicks and blows of life, these are welcome distractions.

The photo is from Kathmandu, Nepal.  It’s a winter photo, so take note of the clothes, and lack of snow, the excitement in just that second.  Looks ok, doesn’t it?


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