Can you do it?

Can you do it?

How are you and marketing? Can you tell them to **** themselves? Do you listen to the folks who tell you to dye your hair and shoot weird drugs into your skin? Do you seldom leave home to work in another place? Do you write for free so you can ‘help people!’ on social media? Did you learn the tax laws for living in the third world? Best check up on things. As they say, time is running out’ Personally I didn’t want to die in the suburbs or in a car crash driving from the mtns to a meaningless toxic job. Seems the price isn’t high at all & life can be sweet…

Perhaps ponder, too, racism, elitism, ignorance, lack of self-worth, hubris, fear of the past & comfort in the present, laziness.

Keep well, keep writing, and try harder. Work overseas & learn about stuff. Eg, how many students are in each government-owned and mandatory middle school in China? Learn about TS Eliot’s plays. Remember what life was like when you were still innocent. Mary Ann in Nepal

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