Get your own visa. Not just to save money, but be in control of your own life. Don’t you ever get sick of pseudo-help? Being bullied?

In Asia, getting the actual website itself can be hard because the indigenous folks run tour agencies & put up visa info. that’s incorrect. But it advertises their company.

HERE ARE TWO GOVERNMENT AND ACCURATE VISA SITES I’m currently dealing with, Nepal and Thailand. I strongly suggest you don’t let somebody give you their version. Also, if you’re really stumped, these bureaus do reply to emails you send them.



They don’t give all the info., but what’s there is accurate. The Thai page often isn’t translated so unless you read Thai, you have to hit the translate button. I survived & you will, too. I’d add that Kathmandu Thai Embassy does NOT give double entry visas and they DO require 6 months of bank statements. That’s no big deal. The visa can be extended many times once you’re in Thailand (runs, hops, etc. Learn from expats there). Nepal, though, doesn’t seem to have an alternative to their 5 months/yr. rules. Sure, you can study Nepali and get a yearly visa; but I found that process arduous and a bit too invasive. Also, you have to go through a lot of pollution to get to the classes. I just said No dice. But it’s personal, and Kathmandu’s a magic place, and so is the language.

It’s also good to know the exchange rate for the money. Once you land, you know how many sharks are after your cash. It’s easy to know the truth: check on the Net. Write in, for example, One US $ is how many Nepali rupees? And you’ll get a bunch of sites with the info.

Next, climate. For example, it’s the monsoon now in Thailand, which I think is fine (cools things off, nice to be around, etc.). In Nepal it’s hot and dry. Look on the Net.

Transportation where you’re going? Here’s the Thai railway site. Took me an hour to find, but it’s worth it. Nepal doesn’t exactly have a railway, but people do quite happily as things are.
address of state railway of Thailand site!

Thailand’s expensive and kind of a hustle for our cash, so: if you arrive in Bangkok you can take trains all over Thailand. NOW: this site shoots you to train schedules so you can plan. I suggest going to Dom Muang (old airport) where you can hang pretty comfortably, check your bags at the 7/11 outside the railway station. Etc. Leave from there to your destination. YOU CAN BUY TICKETS THERE EASIER THAN YOU CAN IN BANGKOK, which is a William Burroughs novel full of crazy stuff…

In my opinion. Take care, must pack. Best from KTM, Mary Ann Davis

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