Am I Disturbing You?/Monty Python/Regency mince pies…


Maybe you remember the Monty Python sketch. A guy with BBC-perfect diction is smashing plates (I believe they were in a plate rack), one by one. He looked at the camera. “Am I disturbing you?” And he continued to smash plates.

I decided my Regency heroes will smash plates onto mince pies. Holding good China plates aloft with both hands, Wham!  I’m quite fond of my Regency heroes. But honestly… doesn’t writing for publication make you tired sometimes?  

I arrived safely in BangkokImage & immediately took the overnight train to Chiang Mai, where my writer’s den was waiting for me. If martial law worries you, worry about something else or better yet, be easy on yourself and don’t worry at all. It’s perfectly safe up north and probably down south, too, if you can stand the heat.  The dollar’s slightly stronger and life is good.  

The attached pic is from 2005 +- in Dharamsala & I’m on the right. Teaching Tibetans in a refugee camp made a lot more sense than writing Regency stories, but then again… 

Keep writing me!  Best, Mary Ann









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