Hi Ka.

Great storytelling sweeps you into another world, right? I feel that going into the past, into another country or world or the future makes for more complete escape.

Lately I read mostly history, for my work. Of course, I dip into current fiction, read magazines and newspapers, watch the news, but time’s an issue when you have deadlines to meet.

Summer Reading for You

Here’s a link into another world. It’s a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer,”Gimpel the Fool,” and it’s free on-line. I just tested the link, but let me know if it doesn’t work. Isaac Bashevis Singer is one of my favorite writers.


The easiest method to read Singer is to get his Collected Stories. He’s always in libraries and it’s $15 on Amazon. His things are in paperback, too and on the Net, though scattered here and there.

My favorite stories are “Gimpel the Fool,” “The Cafeteria” (about Hitler in Manhattan) and “A Dance and a Hop.” Those are all in Collected Stories. One reviewer called Singer’s style “gossipy.” That’s true, but many of these stories are also simply good storytelling set in Eastern Europe before WW II. Some are from kibbutzim.

Another writer I loved to read is Colette, the Frenchwoman. Her translated books are also in libraries and in paperback. They, like Singer’s tales, are certainly not as difficult as Hemingway or Eliot, but they’re not junk. Colette writes about France. She brings deep femininity into every day life, explaining things about why women do what they do, among other things.

A friend asked me to meet up with her in India, come September. Traveling’s always a thought, but I’m deep into writing for publication. That means, for me, holding still.

I’m glad you’re here. Keep following me! Best, Mary Ann

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