I was somewhat inconvenienced and even insulted when I went to submit my novel and the publisher had just … pulled the plug.


The site was there two weeks before, and then it was greatly reduced. The imprint that was huge stuff then had vanished 2 weeks later.  My 60,000 words, written especially for these guidelines, is now useless.

Friends said, ‘hop to sci fi! sell it to somebody else..  I’m hitting the road. throwing away passwords, usernames, links, sceen shots, vpn’s, pop ups, running tracks, violent situations, easy junk food, dentists who say you have cracked fillings when they need a spot of cash, submission guidelines that don’t tell the payscales so you have to write them 4 times more, I-9’s and W-4’s, publishers, editors, and cheats.


Happy trails. Watch your back.


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