I don’t need a lawsuit, and I ask you to look at something and make up your own minds.  I’m pretty sensitive about journalists jumping to conclusions in print. I’m scrupulous and am sure you are, too.


That said, I’d encourage you to read the August 23, 2014 Economist, p. 71, a piece about the unchangeable genes coursing though so many of our systems right now. These substances determine, among other things, a person’s ability to resist drugs and violence.  The hard copy version I read is not exactly what I found online, though. Online it’s not as unfeeling.

Like I said, read it yourself. Those are simply my impressions (after several close readings in a library).

From a romance novel point of view, I’d say this stands squarely against one the main principles of romance fiction: love conquers all.  My last historicals most definitely say this, although my hero and heroines are from the same niche of society.  I’ll change that in my future historicals, be sure of it!IMG_0030

From a literary point of view, I said to myself: what would D.H. Lawrence say?  If a person is brought up in the working class/not middle class, the author in The Economist says it doesn’t matter if that person moves upward economically or spiritually.  Always tainted, always suspect, out of control…

Lawrence had many themes, and hopeless acceptance was one of them. Another was that working/not middle class people had been tampered with less than others, at the time he wrote, but that the industrial revolution and the mechanical side of life was going to change us — all of us — for the worse. We’d lose our intuitions and our sexuality.

This is most apparent in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, though you  might have other ideas and I’d love to hear them.  He also spoke with this voice in Sons and Lovers and in his plays.  


Do look at The Economist, p. 71, Aug. 23, 2014. I was pretty shocked, because I’ve relied on their reporting while I work in China.  Their coverage of the ShengDa riots, for example,agreed with my own experiences (and that’s always nice).


Let me hear from you!  I’m going back there, and need your supportive notes, as always.








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