Writers deserve lots of admiration, and much, much praise.  BTW, if you seldom get any praise, read more. Do a search for ”Why I Write.’ You might not get much praise there either, but at least you’ll get an idea about why it’s worthwhile to continue.  D.H. Lawrence discussed his view of what happens to a writer stops being creative. The short story ‘Things’ is sad, but worth reading.

Looking back at the opera La bohème, I always fall in love with being a writer.

I love the entire opera, and especially the scene with the poet  smashing his furniture so he can heat his room. But it’s honest.  And I’ll be honest:  writing’s dicey.  I’ve learned to live as simply as possible; hopefully then I can write and publish without interruption when ‘reality’ strikes.  (Recently my sister paid a lot of bills that I’d already paid, using my emergency money.  Ah, and I was on planes and trains and buses. I can’t say I did real well with that…)

Another note, before I get on the next avalanche of trains, planes and buses. Last summer, for ‘Summer Reading,’ I referred you to the story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, Gimpel the Fool.   A friend just told me that my link  doesn’t work. He gave me the link to a free pdf file, online: http://www.srs-pr.com/literature/singer-gimpel.pdf.

(Could be the older link is part of a local error; but I tried using my vpn and still couldn’t get through to it.  So the pdf file is a better choice for you, wherever you are.)

Finally, I’ll mention Strunk and White again.  A rule I use many times a day now as I write about rural Oklahoma: always use a ”normal’ (not polysyllabic) word and not a $5 word.

For example, my hero picks up the phone, interrupting his ‘calculations.’ Now a phrase more likely to be used among rural folks there is ‘facts and figures.’ Or even just ‘figgers.’

Time for that bus.  Keep writing!  Best, Mary Ann

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