Sexy Oil Field Lover: Author Interview

Julie Bates is pretty hot stuff and her books are dynamite. We’re in Asia at the same time, so seems right to send you one of our talks.

By the way: New Delhi’s better and one dollar is 68 rupees – that’s real strong. You can have a good trip for cheap. More on that in another post.

Sexy Oil Field Lover!

MDavisWrites: Julie, what’s your blog again?

Julia Bates:

MDW: In your first post you describe how you got the idea for this erotic romance novel. But what about why you wrote about a man from the Oklahoma oil fields?

Julie: You mean other than sex.

MDW: Well yes, though that’s interesting too. Writing about sex.

J: On a visit back to Oklahoma my family couldn’t put me up but they were real puritanical about what those guys were like. “You don’t want to stay where those oil field workers stay, do you?” Being a rebellious woman, I immediately prayed that I’d meet ‘em. And I did.

MDW: You didn’t miss much.

J: You should’ve been there. You wouldn’t either. But your blog’s about the art of writing, so like Titus says, let’s get down to it.

When a person writes fiction it’s important to be real clear with yourself how each character holds his/her body, how they move through space, what their habits are, the way they talk, all that stuff. After seeing some real handsome men from the fields, I wanted my characters to have that physical and mental power. I wrote them to move and stand with the quiet self-confidence and sweet loving power that they have. And Titus was a weight lifter, so I wrote descriptions of a weight lifter’s body. This sounds odd, but physically strong men – and women – have a real gracefulness and ease,

The author also must be consistent. Like Cody spends a lot of time being naturally hot-looking. When she and Titus go to their favorite hotel, she naturally goes straight to the bathtub, fills it with exoticlly perfumed water and stretches herself out for her lover’s next wish.

When they do have sex, both their characters act like you’d expect them to. Sure, the way they make love is a surprise to the readers. But what they say to each other and how they act out their deep love and romance is perfectly in keeping. No jarring of the nerves. Just hot reading, well done.

This and every sex scene keeps the eroticism and the romance going.

MDW: The way your characters spoke is so great. I was impressed with what they call ‘the local color.’ Titus Stone and Cody both spoke like they do in southern Oklahoma, and he did, especially. But it isn’t like reading Robert Burns when you’re in middle school or Beowulf in senior Lit. I think you did a good job.

J: Thank you. I was determined to write creatively and not sell out completely. I feel odd saying that I believe in this book artistically, but I do. It’s real sexy stuff, but that’s part of the honesty. But it’s first and foremost a romance. Easy to read, great escapism, great sexy stuff. It never lets you down.
As a writer, I wanted to let the characters do everything they wanted, and I felt that if I didn’t, I was walking out on myself. I never forgot my readers during this creative process, though. When I wrote, I never let my ego get in the way. Like if I found that a sentence was getting long and not real easy to follow, it would upset the flow of the book. So I shortened the sentence or cut it in two. I never let myself use long words. I talked to romance readers and followed their advice on this, by the way.
When the book was done, I did some testing on how easy it was to read.

MDW: You mean the vocabulary and all?

J: Yes, it’s a free tool on the internet. In these free online tests, you can also learn if your sentences are scrambled, convoluted, too long, unclear and why. They even tell you the average word count of each sentence and paragraphs, if your word choices are confusing.

I asked romance readers if they minded it when they had to stop and look up a word. hey did hate to do this.

The kind of people I’m writing for — normal romance readers. Over-worked women or just anybody who needs a rest. You can be happy reading my books if you finished 7th grade and are interested in romantic love. I’m also sure that a professional person with an MBA or an MFA would love this book. It’s authentic. It’s about a little-known area of the US. It would relax the most distraught customer Service rep. Or a BA in Anthro or Math. Or a Nurse’s Aid or a History Prof.

MDW: But you waited until the book was 100% finished before you ran those studies?

J: True. I don’t mean to be a bitch about it, but well, to me this is ‘art.’ Writing is ‘art.’ I don’t enjoy software writing my books for me. Then it doesn’t seem like I’m the artist. Anyway… not to judge another person’s way of writing. It’s a personal thing.

Use these free tools yourself.

Sexy Oil Field Lover rated as 85.5% readable. The sentences were easy to follow and didn’t confuse readers. The sentences weren’t choppy, they made the story flow easily.

MDW: I noticed Stunk & White’s influence a few times. Like ‘If you can say something with a five cent word, forget the twenty dollar word…’

J: That’s right.

MDW: Now can we talk about the sexy stuff?

J: Sure.

MDW: Contraception and AIDS.

J: Hey, this is a romance, a love story to ease the mind and the soul. Anything that got in the way of the romance didn’t belong in the story. Davis, we all think about condoms and IUD’s and implants, AIDS and pregnancy. Not here. These two just have good hot sex.

MDW: You do have your lovers doing some … and you have them talking about it, like lovers do, when they’re burning up and going deeper than they planned.

J: Well, it had to be that way. Like they say, it felt dramatically correct. No kidding. Cody and Titus had been having sex every five pages for 200 pages, so … if DH Lawrence could have his lovers doing this, why not my lovers? And the nasty talk: Cody loved to talk nasty, loved to hear her man saying sweet nasty things just for her.

MDW: They did talk a little during sex, and it was good to see ‘em talking that way other times.

J: Let’s continue this later, OK? I have to leave Delhi pretty soon and …
MDW: Thank you again, Julie Bates. And thank you for writing Sexy Oil Field Lover.


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