Working Class Heroines -Heroes


I’m not much of a political person. But it was nice to hear a speaker at the DNC say, “How many of you are the first college graduates in your family?”

You really should think about this, if you did that, too.  It was major.  Emotionally as much as anything.

I don’t know about you: but I was completely unprepared for that world and a good deal of what’s followed.  To be real honest (today), almost every place is class conscious. When people get to know that I’m not from their suburb, they vanish. (And tomorrow I’ll once again act like I don’t see this when it happens.)

My friend Julia and I wrote fiction for over a year now.  Her last book was, by the way, about a working class man whose self-image was real sad.   This hero of hers was based on seeing a guy from the fields, talking in a motel. She was thrilled by how handsome he was, but also by how prosperous he’d become.   And he was working class. Not an engineer or a slant driller with a PhD.  Kind of unusual, even in the oil fields.

She says that she decided to write the novel when her family denigrated that part of society.  (Like their grand dad hadn’t done manual labor…)

(Today I’m being pretty up front:  I wonder what it’s like to be secure, to come from a background that’s just fine, for the work you’ve chosen?  To arrive at a college and understand that world, because your folks were there first.  And when your counselor tells you to take Honors Greek, you’ll know what you’re in for. ((A tiny group who’ve read the Greek classics in Classical Greek, since they were kids. They just need to brush up on a couple of sounds.))

If you’re from the working class, you know what I mean.  But I’ve decided that it would be boring. (I think I would’ve been  like Martha,  in Albee’s Virginia Woolfe. Or Mommy, in his American Dream.)

Well! Back to writing.

It’s time (for me, anyway) to do some non fiction writing.  I found two journals for specifically working class literature.  I’ve written to them both and will post their replies, when I know if they’re still in business.

I love hearing from you.  If you’re working class survivors/people, I wonder what you’re doing, writing, and where?

Mary Ann







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