Hands-on help: Short & travel stories (So This is why Willa Cather lived in New York)


D.H. Lawrence:  “A writer needs a home.”

True words from one of the best. But there are gale-force winds and hellish adjustments that I must make, every minute, just to survive.

Online dictionaries , especially the city-wise ones, tell you more than Lawrence ever did about sex.  But you can learn how to write, to a large extent, by  following  authors like Lawrence.  Read his plays, travel stories and essays, too.

Lawrence makes language suit the story he’s writing.  The Man from San Francisco was written by Russian I B  Butin and edited or translated by several people, including Lawrence. (Also Virginia Woolfe.)  The best version I’ve unearthed is from a university library, Stories from The Dial (Dial Press, 1924).


I’m in Nebraska this month.  I came here to enjoy the winter, though my first thought was “So This is why Willa Cather lived in New York after she got famous!”

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