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Hands-on help: Short & travel stories (So This is why Willa Cather lived in New York)

How do words how movement? Or travel? Here’s some food for action. Continue reading

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Earth Day 2017: Feed a Homeless Person

Homelessness exists even on Earth Day. Homeless shelters are regularly full & they must turn people away. Please remember to give to facilities that give meals to homeless people. Don’t shame these homeless people: just get some food to them. … Continue reading

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Working Class Heroines -Heroes

  I’m not much of a political person. But it was nice to hear a speaker at the DNC say, “How many of you are the first college graduates in your family?” You really should think about this, if you … Continue reading

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Hello,  the last post was all about visas & paperwork. This is about doing things nobody else does, or they miss the guts of these places.  Shopping is one way… Today I’ll focus on 2 areas. 1. largest public market … Continue reading

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You just thought  you had the goods on visas, everywhere.  Thailand’s added so many complicated new ‘procedures’ that even I fell afoul of the law.   First big change: only single entry tourist visas can be bought in Asia.  ‘Procedures’ might … Continue reading

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Sexy Oil Field Lover: Author Interview Julie Bates is pretty hot stuff and her books are dynamite. We’re in Asia at the same time, so seems right to send you one of our talks. By the way: New Delhi’s better … Continue reading

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Distance yourself from your manuscript when you’re stuck. For me, leaving my apartment completely for a couple of hours removes the disgust I face when I look at the mess I’ve created — and long to finish.  Once those couple … Continue reading

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